Euroman's 2017 Journey to the Heartland

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Euroman's 2017 Journey to the Heartland

Excerpts from the life and times of the legendary Euroman and Grover
You may choose to believe this or not

Euroman and Grove are off the Neosho, MO south of KC to help with floods. They received the signal yesterday afternoon and needed to make quick preparations to be ready to go. Since returning from the CCM SKisafariathon they spent time diving in Cayman Brac with the CCM SCUBA team and helped TM on a superstorm Sandy related project in NY. They are well rested for start of the disaster season.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
They were once again headed to Bradley Airport for SW flight to Denver and back to Kansas City than 3 hr. ready to basecamp. Euroman thanks Alboulder and Athena for helping with last minute logistical problem, making it possible for Euroman to depart. Not taking any chances Euroman purchase upgrade so he can have choice of seats, he does not like SW’s open seating system. Land in Denver, same plane to KC, Euro finds nice attendant who allow him to de-board for a few minutes, when he re-boards he meets 3 more TM members. In KC they are joined by 6 more, Euroman amazingly can recognize one for NY he met a few weeks ago. He carefully positions himself so he is driver of 15 passenger van that will take them to TM basecamp. He does not trust the others. 4-hour drive south past Joplin they arrive at BC, here Euroman knows the all the command staff, they are happy to see him and he is glad also means he can secure special favors. Euroman begins search for ideal sleeping spot away from people and noise, may not be easy….

More research is needed to find secluded spot. Up early, tea. Euroman is given one of 2 demo teams. 3 of his 4 people are new to TM ops. Euroman packs provisions for day. First job is easy roof repair, 2nd job more of the standard gut house. 10” of water was in the house, owner had removed sheetrock up to the 10”, Euroman explained move needed to be removed and in these cases 4’ was the norm. Owner agreed. Euroman had to coach his new team in the art of gutting a house. With temp around 80, it was relatively easy work but time consuming. Back to BC by 5, debrief, shower, Sammie time, out to dinner. Local upscale restaurant closer to make special buffet dinner for TM. Euroman was again the only non-flesh of animal eater in group, chef prepared individual dinner for him. Euroman tired, ready for restless night.

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Storms. Very restless night which wasn’t help with on and off massive rain and thunderstorms. Finally, up at 5. Tea, banana. Briefing. Euroman is given almost same team except he knows has 3 females and one male. There is MassGirl, RIGirl and EMTGirl. Most of females onsite seem to lesbian, so he suspects at least 2 on his team are also. RIgirl appears strangely interested in Euroman thou she is like supergirl ripping down sheets of paneling and swing sledgehammer better than Euroman. Still she is fascinated by Euroman’s knowledge of how to dismantle a house, wanted to know if he was a handyman. Frequent T-storms all day. The team finishing gutting house they started yesterday, moved to next. Simple project pull down one wall rake debris off fence and pull insulation off duct work. All went well until one of the crews cuts through wire that controls garage door. Euroman attempt to fix but needs electrical tape. Tornado and flash flood warning goes up and all crews are told to return to BC. More heavy rain. Shower, Sammie time, local brewery has donated their larger, taste more like a stout, yuck.

Friday, May 12, 2017
Good day but night couldn’t get worse. More storms, turning over every 10 mins. Up at 5, still raining, tea and banana. Same team. First project help elderly lady, who was a hoarder and slightly crazy. She needed shed cleared out and rotten floor removed, Easy except for pouring rain. Euroman learns RIgirl was one of the first females to allowed in active duty combat, no wonder Euroman thinks she wants to rip him in half and eat him.
Next project, crawl space work through a normal opening to removed water logged insulated ducting. Euroman’s crew is eager to crawl under, he is not but goes first to recon work, then sends MA & EMTgirl next. The other part of the crawl spaces can only be entered through a very small opening, maybe 18” x 8”. Euroman would fit be no way he would go, confined spaces are not his thing. Ma & RIgirl are in before he can stop them, he is very impressed. He worries there is only one point of entry/exit should something go wrong he decides he will cut a hole in floor of house to get them out if needed. He is glad when they exit. He is than called to assess a house, op chief wants Euroman’s opinion on whether it safe to remove items from house and if it could be demolition without heavy equipment. Euroman wonders again why people from outside his region show more trust in him than his own. For lunch team hangs out near train tracks, RI & Ma Girl place coins on tracks, later in day they returned to look for flatten coin. Rest of day spent checking out other request for help that don’t pan out, they head back to BC early to decon tools. While hanging with Sammie, smoker female comes up to Euroman, says she heard good thing about Euroman and his team wants to be on it tomorrow, Euroman thanks her says he does not make such decisions. During debrief meeting RIgirl gets up to say how the team enjoys working on Euroman’s team, that he does not micro manage, he works alongside. Euroman than steps up to praise his team efforts in the crawl space. Euroman is very happy. Euroman has long conversation with former Forest Service ranger who happened to live a few miles from Moondoggie and Gidget. Much talk about the park service.

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Great day. Euroman believes he will never have a normal night’s sleep, up at 5. Tea and banana. Chilly. Team Alpha is still together joined by ColoGirl who Euroman knows from another op and new guy from NY. First project was to move stuff out of very old house that is barely standing, floors and ceiling both falling apart. The pieces they move
all look like junk to Euroman but he is told the items are valuable antiques. Next was house that was partially gutted by another NGO, not to Euroman’s standards. Team Alpha went in finished and cleaned up other groups mess. They were thinking that might be end of day but small chainsaw project materializes. A member from another team asks Euroman if he could be team lead so he can be signed off as instructor. Euroman would have liked to just punch out the project but agrees. He turns out to be very nice guy, did well as lead. They finish up and return to BC where all equipment is being cleaned and sorted. Euroman gets pre-occupied with paperwork and some truck details does not realize that MaGirl and ArmyGuy (who is the other male on team) take off for YMCA to get showers. Awhile later OPsMan asks Euroman did the two ask him if it was ok to go, this is an accountability think that Euroman is not very good at keeping track of, Euroman should just have said yes but he was a little slow putting together all the facts instead he said no they did not check in, Euroman feels instantly he has let his team members down for Euroman did not have a problem with it but opsman did. It appears MAgirl and Armyguy seem to be hooking up, Euroman did not see that coming. At debrief Armyguy asks to speak, he again says that Euroman made for a great team lead and present Euroman and Grover with a neckless-medallion made from one of the coins that was fallen by the yesterday’s train. It was inscribed with Grover II and name of the op. Euroman was very touched, this is the 3rd time a team has given him a present, in all his ops he has never seen any another lead given such honor. This has become a very special op for Euroman. Sammie time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Euroman moved around midnight to a quitter location in between 2 trucks. Up at 5. Tea. Demob day, cleaning and packing up equipment. Armyguy catches Euroman early, says he thought opsman was to harsh for someone civilian and first timer MAgirl. Euroman asks MAgirl what she thought, he tells here he would have handled it differently but would talk with IC or opsguy about it. Demob complete by 1. Euroman goes for 4 mile run along deserted forest service road came upon 2 what looked like a cross between a fox and coyote. On return Euroman had afternoon Sammies. While he was relaxing with Sammie opsguy sat down, Euroman thought this was his chance to question him about incident. Opsguy had totally different viewpoint, he did have some good points but comes across as hardcore, Euroman dropped at that point. As some members were leaving they told Euroman they hope he would be their next TL. Euroman went for shower than had another Sammie. He also put in for another op starting up near St. Louis. Euroman prepared for final restless night.

Monday, May 15, 2017
Up extra early for travel day. Tea and pizza. 3 hour ride to AP. 4 TM’s are on same flight. While waiting at gate Euroman gets notice for deployment back to Missouri on Friday. AR Chicago, MAgirl says got same notices, wants to know if she can be on same team with Euroman again, he tells Euroman is never sure if he will be a TL. To Euroman’s great surprise his good friend Airborne Buddy walks up, he was visiting his mom, Euroman has not seen AB for 2 years. Rest of wait he spends quality time with Magirl. Arrive Compound 11:00 pm.