Euroman's 2017 Journey to the Heartland II

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Euroman's 2017 Journey to the Heartland II

Excerpts from the life and times of the legendary Euroman and Grover
You may choose to believe this or not

Euroman and Grove are back to the Hartland to take care of unfinished business. They are only at the CCM Compound for 3 days before being called to respond again battling the with flood-damaged homes this time in Eureka, MO just south of St. Louis. In their short stay they were still able to finish work on Eurovan remodel, get their 398th jump in and attend a very enjoyable Wed. night at Sax’s.

Friday, May 19, 2017
They did not receive flight confirmations until late last night, still they were prepared, they decided to load Euro with provisions to go direct from Bradley to CCM memorial day weekend in North Conway. Euroman was disappointed he will be missing the J and V wedding party tomorrow but he must go when called to battle the force of evil. Euroman discovered Magirl will be flying with him from BDL. Euroman is apparently on the permanent PRE-TSA list, he likes PRE. What he does not like is flying southwest, he had a high C number, he thought it would mostly likely give him a middle seat. Fly gods looked favorably on him, got the last isle seat on the plane. There is free WIFI TV so he watched Transformers. Stopover in Chicago as usual. Finished watching Transformers landed St. Louis 9:00 am. Big storm warning posted. Arrived Basecamp by 10:00 which is a church complex, they make churches big in the heartland. He immediately starts his investigation for suitable sleeping area and nice bathrooms. He is given a mat in a small room with 5 others, this will not do, he keeps looking. There are some familiar faces, the opsguy is fellow was a TL at the last op and knows Euroman well. Euroman learns he will have another team of his own. As Euroman is walks by the kitchen he sees a blond who looks very familiar she also glances at Euroman. A little later he is in the kitchen the blond walks enters, looks at Euroman says HI and gives him big hug. Now Euroman remembers this is Israeli Girl from Quebec who he met last year on the Fort M fire op in Canada, she had the infamous t-shirt accident. She has a fondness for Euroman. Sammie time is a issue, since this a church it is Sammie free, must walk 3 blocks to local pubs.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
There are snorers nearby they must be eliminated. Euroman goes on early morning search which yields a very nice bathroom. Tea and banana to start. Logistic girl knows Euroman and has quality non-flesh of animal meals ready. Euroman meets his team. TC he knows from the last op, way too eager and a know it all type, another is younger kid who seems layback and an older guy who is also layback. Storms still in the area so rollout is delayed instead they want Euroman to conduct a quick core ops class for 2 hours. After that the team gathers gear loads truck to head for first work order. This guy’s mobile home was in bad shape before the flood and now is unlivable. Water in this area was up to 10 ft high. Euroman asked the team to gear up and remove a water soaked mattress from the house while he continues to talk to home owner to find out what else is needed. When Euroman returns his 3 team members have not done anything other than put on Tyvek suits, he thinks this is going to be a long day. TC thinks he has a brilliant idea of how to move the now water soaked 500 pd mattress, it fails. All 3 will only spend a few minutes in the house because they say it smells so bad, finally Euroman takes lead and cuts mattress in half and then in quarters and its quickly removed. Next, they must tackle the garage which is mess, filled with rusted tools and everything else. All must be removed so they can tear down soggy sheetrock and insulation. TC is not much of a worker the other 2 are ok but need direction Euroman wish he had his previous team Alpha. Deputy ops guy stops by says he was told he didn’t need to check in on Euroman’s team but he was passing by. Finished by 3:00 return to BC and decon. RIgirl is now in logistics which help get Euroman what he needs quickly. Israeli Girl comes over to see how Euroman’s day went, she is so cute Euroman overlooks her smoking habit. Debrief at 6, dinner, Euroman exits quickly to walk down to Irish pub for Sammie, $6 for cold glass is a little steep for Euroman he sits outside and takes his time watching people pass by on what appears to be main st. USA. 2 very tall slender cute females walk out of pub one gives Euroman glance, he wonders but believes them to be gay. Short time later he walks back to BC has some leftovers, this place has more available food than any other op Euroman has been on he will eat well which is a good thing because he had lost several pds recently. He has also developed a troublesome shoulder/neck problem. It started last week as soreness, he thought it was from sleeping on harder surfaces, now it hurts way more being aggravated by pulling or lifting, might have use drugs or call Eurodaughter for cure.

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Better than average night except for snorer, Euroman came close to leaving the room. Tea and banana. Euroman must say this op has treated him the best meal wise, usually he must scourge, here he grazes, his food is plentiful. Special note, Euroman has given up diet coke, he has not had one in a month, started new life just prior to Caribbean adventure. New IC who Euroman has known from several other operations tells him he is one of her favorite people, Euroman was flattered, did not know why for they have never had that much interaction. Today Euroman’s team was expanded to 7, they would combine with team bravo to complete a demo of one mobile home a bring down another. Asst. opsguy was to be site supervisor. Euroman’s alpha team was tasked with bringing down the mobile home that was previously a crack house. Euroman did a scene size up to try and figure out how this was coming down. Another NGO had gutter the house leaving just the framing and intact roof. Euroman asked his team if anyone had done this before the answer was no. Euroman said since he had they would go with his plan but he was open to ideas. Euroman went about cutting out every other stud on the side he wanted it to fall and then took out all the side studs. He threaded a 40-ft. tow rope through the upper part of a number of still solid studs attaching the other end to a ratchet anchored to a dumpster. As Euroman cut more side studs he had the team ratchet tight the tow line, the structure moved slightly then some more. Suddenly, the whole thing goes down like dominos, Euroman cannot believe it, he of course makes it look like it’s no big deal and it did exactly as he planned but he is amazed, a structural engineer could not have done better. Only disappointment the guy who was supposed to be taking video didn’t have phone on record. TC is annoying Euroman more and more, wants to only be where the action is, Euroman was told to coach as a leader he will have his own team tomorrow, no good will come of that. Assistant opsguy leaves putting Euroman in charge of both teams, means nothing to Euroman he does nothing differently. Both projects are finished by 2:00. They are given another small project just down the road, pull wet insulation from under a mobile home. Euroman has done this many times. He explains the procedure then sends 6 people in Tyvek suit under the house. This one has easy access and is relatively clean underneath, it goes quickly until they come across a broken pipe, Euroman goes under to examine, it’s a sewer line, he pulls his people out, he suits up in full hazmat gear to work in muck so his people don’t have to. Back to BC by 4:00. TC wants to play TL, turns in reports, it’s annoying. Short time later Euroman gives official report to opsguy. At debrief the team is asked to give a recount of how the home was brought down, TC jumps right in with explanation, Euroman thinks this is funny. Before dinner Asst. opsguy tells Euroman they are changing TL’s tomorrow but keeping Euroman because he is just too good switch out. Euroman has had a very good day. RIgirl is now head logs person, has BBQ complete with veggie burgers for Euroman. After dinner he walks down to pub for $6 IPA.

Monday, May 22, 2017
Speed round. Up at 5. Tea and banana. Euroman’s neck is feeling better. Teams switched around Euroman has MAgirl back and another from Missouri. First assignment is simple. Shovel and sweep out a cement slap under a raise house. This area was hit by similar flood 16 months ago and some have not recovered from that one. Owner also ask for a large deck that pulled free of house to be cut up. Euroman always tells his team they are free to take breaks anytime they want one, tired, hot, thirsty it is all up the them, if they want a real bathroom they can use the truck. Other teams do not have such options. The job is finished by 10, the next one is not scheduled until 11:30 so Euroman takes team to quick-mart. They arrive at next project by 11:15 wait till noon before homeowners shows up. Young couple with 2 infants, the wife is very cute. They also were hit by same type of flood 16 months ago when they did not have insurance, they totally rebuilt on their own. They now have insurance but need all their new walls and very nice cabinets removed. Euroman briefs the team and everyone choose as task. They make great progress but will not finish everything today. The team is tired and ready to pack up for the day with about 15 mins to go. Euroman pulls up a few floor boards in the living they come up easy. He tells his team the rest of the floor can come up in 10 mins, they do not appear happy, Euroman goes to work at a feverish pace soon everyone is getting into it, they complete the removal in about 12 mins. The people were inspired and motivated. Euroman called the floor removal speed round. His neck thou is back to feeling very sore. At BC Euroman is walking the hall before dinner and IC stops him to say, the team members really like him they respond very well to his leadership style. Euroman is very pleased, he thinks he should write a book on how to lead. He does not find it at all difficult, just do more work than any other team member and he treats them the way he would like to be treated. Israeli Girl stops Euroman in hallway says he must tell RIgirl how good she is doing at logistic, Euroman said he already has, she says tell her again she needs more confidences. Euroman would do anything for IG. Euroman and Grover go down to pub for tradition $6 IPA.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Another good day. Euroman could not take it any longer at 1:00 am he moved to the couch in the main living area, the snoring was too much. Tea and banana. Euroman had the same team minus the MOgirl. Now having the system down his team was out of the BC way before any of the others. Someone has made Grover Winfield Jr. Firefighter, he is so happy. Back to same house to finish up 2 small rooms. Euroman can tell quickly who is a worker or slacker or just a talker. Magirl is a worker he would include in his all-start TM team. They are done in less than 2 hours. Drive 50 mins to next site which is right on the river. Much damage, 2 homes completely moved off their foundation. Alpha project was to cut up a large 30x16 ft. deck that had landed on someone else’s property. The deck was huge and resting on 5 8x8 pillars. Euroman would need a chainsaw to bring it down safely. This would be on the edge to TM chainsaw protocol so Euroman asked Opsguy, he said if Euroman was good with it he was, Euroman was honor to have such faith put in him, he knows that would not happen in his own region. The chainsaws arrive about 3:00 this only gave them an hour to complete the project. Euroman had it study it carefully to decide on cuts. As he went to work, he quickly realizes this could be a disaster if he made a mistake. It eventually came down according to plan. At 4;00 quitting time Euroman called opsguy to see if they could have 15 mins to finish the project. He is given the OK, his team is tired, several done think it can be done in 15, Magirl says remember yesterday’s floor, Euroman declares another speed round, he and Magirl go at it, the other soon join in the frenzy, done in 10 mins. Taking down deck speed round, the team is happy. Back at BC several people apparently have heard, they say Euroman is a machine. Euroman and Grover head down for traditional $7 IPA

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Doesn’t get any better. Up at 5:00. Tea and banana. Team alpha had 3 replacements. Euroman has conversation with JP for team bravo, He said there was a homeowner who specifically requested team alpha, Euroman laughed thinking he was kidding, he was not. Euroman told some day he might it onto team Alpha, he said he was not sure that it might require too much work, Euroman told him all his people are happy. Alpha first stop was a complete gutting and debris removed from flooded basement. Euroman told opsguy it would be a full day maybe more. But Euroman went into speed round mode to start and the team followed, it was like a swarm of bees attaching, start of day speed round, one of the new guys could not keep and another had no idea what was taking place. Magirl was pushing as hard as Euroman, the project was complete by 1:30. They were sent onto 2 others that were very small than asked to help Bravo team you were bogged down on a gutting project. When alpha arrived at Bravo’s site Euroman could not believe what little progress was made. Euroman assessed the situation developed his own plan, there was less than an hour remaining in the day, 2nd speed round of the day, Magirl jumped right in other alpha team members followed with a crazy pace. Back at BC Bravo member JP said he notice the pace had increased several fold when alpha team arrived, he also said everyone on alpha team looked happy. Euroman said that is how Alpha rolls. Back at BC more arrivals, Euroman’s friend from NY and Armyguy is back. Euroman has additional conversation with the IC, IC wanted to know if Euroman was interested in command position. IC also inquired on Euroman’s thoughts about the strike team’s, this is something his region would never do. The Elks club which was just a block away invited everyone over for drinks, Euroman man attended, nice bar but they allowed smoking it was soon intolerable. He left and went over to tradition Irish pub for $7 IPA. At BC, he had long conversation with RIgirl and several others he was actually social.

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Terrible night. Euroman left the room around 2 because of the snoring, took laptop to main room, he thought he was safe, 2 people were sleeping on couches were also snoring and coughing. Euroman put earphones in and watched a movie. IG left on first van to airport about 4:30. Just before Euroman was leave on the 8:00 van, IG called saying she left her phone in the van, she missed her flight to Quebec and was trying to rebook. Euroman’s van would bring the phone to the AP. Euroman was dropped off near the American departures and went looking for IG. IG comes running across terminal greeting him with big hugs, thanks him several times, says some body was rude to her when she asked for help which made her very upset but the person behind the ticket was nice. She now wants to hang out with Euroman, he suggests she should head through security to catch her next flight. IG still wants to talk, Euroman says she should go now, IG tells him again how thankful she is and next time they meet and she knows they will she will have something for Euroman this all takes place with her a few inches in front of Euroman’s face, he points and says again go now. Euroman rendezvous again with van that takes him to his SW terminal. He meets up with MaGirl for SW flight which is now delayed 2 hrs. While waiting sirens go off intercom says there is an emergency everyone should leave building through nearest emergency exit this puts Euroman and a dozen others on the tarmac, which brings security and plane personal over asking what they are doing on the tarmac. Euroman explains that is what the intercom told them to do, they said you should not be here, Euroman said than they need to review their emergency procedures. They are told it’s a false alarm everyone should return to building, of course door is now locked Eventually all is straighten out, flight to Baltimore than on to BDL. Arrive Baltimore, 2 hr. layover, board plane, pull from gate, sit on runway for 2+ hrs., back to gate from refueling, pull from gate more sitting on tarmac, finally arrive Bdl,
3 hrs. late….