Euroman's 2017 Journey to You Never Know

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Euroman's 2017 Journey to you never know

Excerpts from the life and times of the legendary Euroman & Grover
You may choose to believe or not

Names have been changed to protect everyone
any similarities to those past or present is unintentional
You may choose to believe or not

Euroman & Grove Superheroes whose only purpose is to travel the universe using their super and special powers to save lives protect the innocent and search for true love. This journey will take them to the far northwest, they can be no more specific for the force of evil are everywhere just waiting to thwart their efforts. Those who have followed past journeys of the superheroes can surmise their destination(s) and prepared accordingly.

The team has spent their time since their “journey to the Heartland” remodeling the Euro equipping with advanced systems to better support their missions. They leave the CCM Compound South, as usual, in the very capable hands of Alboulder and Athena. After celebrating the traditional CCM July 4th weekend they are off. As Captain McCall said to Gus, I want to go north to see that country before the bankers and lawyers all get it……4th

Tuesday, July 4th
After a short night, the team departs under cover of darkness, missing final farewells. They made
a good time from campground to the border narrowing missing yet another suicidal deer. Made last stop for fuel and Walmart for supplies to last through Canada. Canadian Border Guard asked if Euroman had any firearms? Euroman replied No, He then asked where are you going,
Euroman responded Alaska, He said so do you have any firearms, Euroman looks him directly in eye says NO. Euroman can tell guard is waiting for him to flinch, Euroman holds his ground.
He finally follows with have you been there before, Euroman says yes, OK, have a nice day.
The plan is to drive all the way to Alaska on the Canadian side rather than the upper US. This changes when Euroman discovered Canadians don’t know how to build interstate highways they do know how to build traffic jams, Euroman opted for the easier traveler and cheaper gas, he turned west crossed back into the US traveled through MI’s upper peninsula. First casualty power cord to new frig. After crossing back into the US another stops at Walmart to pick up items to splice power cord back together. As Euroman turned into the lot, he sees flashing lights behind euro. He knows he wasn’t speeding and didn’t run a red light so he is curious as to why. Euroman rolls down window keeps hands on the wheel, as everyone should do, older state trooper asks for lic, reg., ins.
Then says he could not see the rear lic. Plate because of bike rake and covering, he just wanted to make sure it was there. After few minutes, he comes back ask where Euroman is headed, wants to know how long it will take, he impressed. Tells Euroman mostly likely no cop will give a ticket for the covered plate but you never know. Euroman’s good ranger karma is still working.
Euroman will stay at motel Walmart. Sammie time

Wednesday, July 5th.
You never know…. Up at 5:00, refuel, tea and bagel. Head west through the Upper Peninsula.
Second causality plastic gorilla tape over leaky moonroof blows off. Euroman repairs by just taping the seams of the moonroof without any plastic. He makes surprisingly good time on secondary highways pushes into Wisconsin and Minnesota. Euroman receives word he is going to Tanzania in Aug., leaving on the 7th, this cuts into his Alaska time, after much discussion with Grover they decide to forego Alaska and concentrate on the northwest and visit with Moon doggie and Gidget. He goes for 4 mile run in Minn. State park to cement new idea. Just as he returns the sky’s open up, massive downpour. When he turns on wipers drivers side wiper arm flies off, casualiy 3. More gorilla tape to rescue. Back on highway after a short while he receives email from TM checking availability for disaster work in Michigan, he replies and receives text from females he knows who is working on deploying members. Euroman asks what are his chances of being deployed she says very good because it’s you. Euroman is very happy, likes being needed. 2 hours later he gets email requesting his help. Eurovan is turned around heading back to MI. Euroman believes it was fate that made him switch his course from Canada to the US, otherwise he would not have been close enough to respond. The trip is put on hole Euroman will good save lives and protect the innocent. He will reschedule Alaska and Gidget visit for the Fall. He pulls into another motel Walmart for the night. Sammie time.

Thursday, July 6, 2017
Up at 5, OJ and bagel. The solar panel works fine for running lights, recharging laptop and running cooling fan but can’t handle the 24hr frig. Even if he runs frig off euro battery it draws down solar battery overnight so much so it can’t fully recharge during the day. This requires more thought. He is also having issues with no Droid, taking forever to recharge, this is a real problem. 4th causality antenna which as broken and gorilla tape together has also blown over, need more tape. Euro needs constant repairs on journeys such as this. Euroman stops at peninsular park for bike ride again just before major rainstorm. They finally arrive at operation at 5:00 pm, which is an elementary school. Euroman is greeted by plans guy who he knew for 2 other ops, he is glad to see Euroman tells him he will be needed since there are many new people. IC is a guy he knows from last year’s Canadian op, they explain to Euroman the layout and scope of operation. Euroman thinks back on his first doz. Ops when no really knew him, how different now given royal treatment. Euroman heads to find suitable accommodations, this is the most important part of the operation, it takes some time but he finds a small library room, where he can be alone. Before dinner another familiar face appears, this guy a year ago was about the same size as Euroman, he knows looks like captain America, Euroman cannot believe this done without the use of drugs, his neck and face look like they are chiseled from granite,
After dinner, Euroman works again on solving phone charging problem. Sammie time.

Friday, July 7, 2017
Up at 5. Euroman likes his accommodations and he has found the private bathroom. He is placed on a team with 3 others and Australian as the TL, he is told to coach him on TM standards. The Aussie seems like a very nice guy. They arrive at the first house which the rest of the team has been at for the past 2 days, Euroman can easily see why. 10 mins in Euroman tells Aussie how that the work is to spread out he needs to focus on certain rooms to get the completed, one of other team members jumps in and contradicts Euroman, Euroman tries to explain this is the TM way, voice get load, Euroman says he does not want to cause trouble and ultimately, it’s the IC’s decision. TL sides with Euroman, other guy does not take it well, not really his fault either he had been given misinformation from other leaders. This is hard work pulling up water soaked flooring, by midday Euroman is getting drained, needs to pace himself better to last all day. Late in day news team shows up very cute report who follows Euroman into crawl space to do mini interview. Back at FOB many new and some familiar faces are showing up, amazing how many people Euroman knows for his now 20 operations. Euroman takes note of unfamiliar blood. This well deserving of a 2 Sammie night.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017 These

Saturday, July 8, 2017
These have been 2 of the worse nights for sleeping or not sleeping. Up at 5, tea and banana. Euroman found out the school they are using was condemned for structural and rat problems.
Euroman is back being TL with a new team of first timers and ops guy from Heartland II op, Euroman likes him. Slow start as operation has tripled in size. Euroman and confrontation guy have reconciled, he also is nice, some stress and misunderstandings unfortunately lead to misunderstandings, Euroman regrets the incident, he probably could have handled it better. Their project for the day was to clear out a basement of mud that ranged from ½ a foot to 3 feet in a 20 by 40-foot area. The access was an issue, 2 people shoveled mud into 5 gal buckets another lifted through an oversized window up to fourth person who handed up a small embankment to 5th guy who dumped it into waiting wheelbarrow and 6th guy wheeled it about 40 yrds in the woods. They need more wheelbarrows, buckets and especially people. Euroman knew immediately this was more than a 6 man job. He called for reinforcements, none available, he was not sure the IC believed him on how big this job was. Euroman’s team did great steady work swapping positions and made an impact but would still need more help. New ops guy came out to take look just before the end of day, he agreed with Euroman’s assessment, he would get him more help tomorrow. Ops guy asked Euroman was there a member of his crew who stood out that they could give a special award to, Euroman told him they all stood out, it should go to the team. Everyone was covered in mud and exhausted, hour ride back to fob. Euroman found the team they sent to finished the house he was at yesterday, would not work on it, thought it was unsafe, Euroman was perplexed, he had been in houses that were far worse. Euroman learned he could to Oneida for another op or extend his stay at this, the IC would be very happy if he stayed, Euroman will need to decide soon. Much needed Sammie time.

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Saturday, July 17th Nights

Saturday, July 17th
Nights are not improving. Tea and bagel. Grover has slowly worked his magic again, just about everyone asks his whereabouts’. Euroman is told they would like him to mentor a new TL, a very young guy from CT who has been on the team for the last 2 days. The TL is also given a VIP from DOW, one of TM’s big contributor, he is president of north America division. As they pull up to first Euroman realizes this the place they were at in the beginning of week, the old stroke victim where the house was so bag they only pulled up some carpeting. This time the guy wanted all his junk moved up stairs and 2 walls of sheetrock removed, Euroman tried to explain everything is covered in mold they can’t move it upstairs all the first-floor needs glutting and contains thrown out. Their so much back and forth, Euroman is sure the guy doesn’t fully understand what’s needed and what the place will look like when they are done. It is finally decided to move some of the more moldier junk outside and remove some more carpeting, old guy is happy but it still does not solve any of his problems. Dow guy gets real introduction to disaster work. Next house was actual demo work, the builder went a bit crazy nailing, screwing and gluing sheetrock and flooring making it all very hard to remove. Euroman is impressed at how hard Dow guy is working, he is not just showing up for photo op. At end of day Euroman asks DG if he should buy DOW stock, hoping for insider tip. Back at FOB Euroman has more contact with Michigan Girl, she always stands close to him while talking and touching his arm, he makes another call to advisor. Euroman enjoys 2 IPA’s and presented with 3rd which he cannot turn down thinking it would be impolite.

Sunday, July 16th
Last day. And another very restless night, tea and banana. Euroman is tired, this is his 10th straight day in the field. Team is again overhauled but they are back to same house, it wares Euroman down, they finish around noon. Afterwards they have 2 smaller projects pulling insulation from under trailers. Demon at end of day, Euroman gets ready to leave. At final briefing old IC gives Euroman special award for his work and mentoring, Euroman is very happy. Short time later he is on the road heading back to CCM compound to regroup. He decides to set course through Canada at Port Huron and will enter US at Niagara Falls. Euroman stops Canadian customs, after a few brief questions he is given passport back and told to proceed as he pulls away the see some mist raise from below the frontend Euroman thinks oh they are spraying undercarriages so insects aren’t transported into Canada, a few seconds later the whole front of Euro is engulfed in smoke Euroman quickly realizes he has a radiator fluid problem. He pulls Euro over to curb, after multiple calls to AAA he is transferred to CAA, tow truck finally arrives 3 hrs. later around midnight. The tow driver and apprentice who look like boys from the hood ask Euroman where he wants to be towed, Euroman simply says to a service station, tow driver says he knows just the place, deals only with VW’s it will be perfect, Euroman has no idea if this is true but he doesn’t have any other options. Around 1 he and the Euro are deposited at a repair shop somewhere in the depths of Canada. Around 8 am owner arrives along with a very young female mechanic. Tow driver was right, the repair guy knew VW’s, a small plastic hose connection broke, repair guy had part and $100 later Euroman was back on road. It took about 3 hours to reach US border crossing, Euroman pulls up to custom window. Agent asks for passport and if there is anyone else in the Euro, Euroman says no. Agent steps out of booth to take a look just as inside of Eurovan explodes in mist and smoke, the inside is filled, Euroman can’t see or breath he has to get out, agent asks if this happens offend, Euroman replies no apparently only at border crossings, agent hands back passports says you can go. Euroman gets in sticks head out window and slowly pulls away with smoke continuing to pour out, he pulls in to security area. Tow arrives about hour later, drivers says he knows a place they can probably hand this today, Euroman again with no options says ok. Just after noon they arrive at very nice large truck and auto repair shop, Euroman is again impressed with tow driver selection. Repair shop tells Euroman heater box has failed, it would take several days to get part and do repair instead the fix Euro by having hoses bypass heater, he is on road by 4 with another $140 repair. Not long into drive it starts raining, Euro starts to fog up, Euroman is afraid to turn on AC in fear something else might explode so he uses towel to wipe inside windshield every few minutes for next 200 miles. Euroman and Grover arrive CCM Compound by midnight. Another journey complete. Sammie time.