uroman's 2017 Journey to Not See a Friend

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Euroman's 2017 Journey to Not See a Friend

Excerpts from the life and times of the legendary Euroman & Grover
You may choose to believe or not

Names have been changed to protect everyone
any similarities to those past or present is unintentional
You may choose to believe or not

Euroman & Grove Superheroes whose only purpose is to travel the universe using their super and special powers to save lives protect the innocent and search for true love. This journey will take them to the suburbs of Chicago. Euroman always has strange feelings passing through Chicago.

The team have had a busy time in their brief stay at the Compound, having gone to NH to help
Flood victims near Cannon mt. They have not even had time to visits the people of Bridgeport.

Friday, July 28, 2017
Euroman and Grover said goodbye to Alboulder and Athena over Thursday night Sammie Hour.
Leisurely start with 10:00 am flight to O’Hare. Euroman is now a PRE-regular for some reason.
Euroman watched Shallows on United WIFI, hot babe in bikini with killer shark, doesn’t get any
Better. Arrive Chicago, Euroman looks carefully around before proceeding, he fears
Chicago babe will magically appear and he would succumb quickly. Instead he meets up with
10 TM people, several he knows including crazy marine from Moore who wanted to dismantle
Euroman but now is his best buddy, a couple others who greet him euthanasic but Euroman has
No idea who they are. Hour drive to FOB, where more greetings, Michigan Girl, Old OPS guy,
Old IC who thinks Euroman is the best TL and another young female gives Euroman huge hug
he doesn’t know who she is but will Invest age further. Arrive at billet is a newly constructed
elementary school, stay in gym, this will not do, Euroman needs to find something more to his
liking. Sammie selection was also very poor, he spoke to logs person who he knows well to
correct that problem, he also went to local pub about 5 min walk for acceptable IPA.

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Rough night. Up at 4:30. Tea and banana. Euroman offers to drive shuttle van to FOB figuring
That gives him best chance to get there early and use Home depot bathrooms. He is placed on
Team with a young married couple, the female is TL. She tells Euroman she heard he was the
Chainsaw expert, Euroman laughs. They arrive at first house, the owner is very tentative about
Having the work done, he is overwhelmed by the project and still in shock about the flood.
He eventually warms up. The TL is lacking experience so Euroman lends so advice which she
Glad to accept. Towards end of work, they are joined by high ranking official from national,
Euroman knows him from other ops but has never worked with him. They finish by 1 and move
Next house. The house needs extensive gutting but owners only want hardwood floors removed
And closet walls which have a leak that is unrelated to flood. Euroman explains the best way to Remove flooring than works on nasty closet, needs to make several cuts with saws-all to bring Down drywall. They return to fob by 5. Several people approach Euroman, who he does not
Know, to tell him they heard he was the best TL, Euroman has another laugh. Euroman started
With on IPA, decided to have another since it was free and then would not have to visit local bar. As he was finishing his 2nd someone came up and gave him another, he could not refuse. Back Billet for showers and pizza, a good day and evening.