Rumney Trip Report

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Didn't go, had to work. Kind of an unpleasant day.

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Well done, clear, accurate.

Well done, clear, accurate.

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Rumney, May 3-5 We stayed 5

Rumney, May 3-5

We stayed 5 miles away at The Don’s house. Why? Because when The Don makes an offer, it is an offer you cannot refuse!
The Don did his first ever lead. The Father led his first 5.7 lead. The Son walked up the Pine Tree Crack. Natasha led 5.10 as expected, with Bobbo and DonP supporting her efforts. Jed did some good leading, two pitches of a three pitch 5.7 with MattR. MattR is climbing well, also leading a 5.8 and 5.9. He failed to protect as a local, walking past bolts without clipping, and not using a cheater stick.
We have not learned to climb as Rumney locals yet. My observations of the standard method used by many is: Clip a bolt, grab the runner, pull yourself up, repeat the process ad nausieum. . .