Euroman's 2016 Journey to Billy Bob's

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Euroman's 2016 Journey Back to Billy Bob’s

Excerpts from the life and times of the legendary Euroman and Grover
You may choose to believe this or not

Euroman and Grove back only a few days from their Labrador adventure quickly turn around for journey to Dallas for TM national meeting. They attended last year’s version in Chicago on Dating Safari II. The superheroes were able to put in several very long days in the port save living lives and protecting the innocent. They are glad to be leaving again.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Prior to leaving they had word that RAM was starting to prepare a response in Haiti for a hurricane that is quickly approaching. The superheroes are torn between waiting to see if they will be needed there or continuing their journey to Dallas. Euroman and Grover had an early 6:00 am flight, left CCM Compound at 3:00 am. For some reason Euroman is always drawn to Chicago, 3 hr. layoff, flight now delayed the force is strong. Why do fat people in wheelchairs get preferred treatment, is that not enabling bad behavior? Euroman worries if plane goes down fat people will clog exit ways. Why do people not know how to efficiently debark from plane, Euroman finds it highly annoying waiting for inconsiderate people to get up grab their overhead luggage and walk down the aisle, what is so difficult. Arriving in Dallas Euroman meets some folks he knows for various ops this summer, other ones he strains to remember. After checking in he goes for runs, he was hoping for an excellent mph pace on the flat ground on riding trail but he will blame his poor performance on lack of sleep, no food, travel and 90 deg temps. He makes contact with a fellow ct-admin member, they go for an excellent Sammies at hotel bar thou $13 is a little pricey for Euroman. Afterwards they meet with a bunch more TM folks in courtyard, the major drinking has begun. Several have asked where’s Grover, Euroman had to explain he was tired from travel and would probably be out tomorrow. Euroman’s social abilities were stretched to max so he left to get something to eat at the Rodeo Goat.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
This was Grover’s day. $12 dollars for bagel and tea. This Began first day of core training to train the trainer to teach it to others TM’s. When Euroman signed up he thought it was just a training class on standardizing how TM does mock outs and other repairs. He finds out it is class to teach how to teach the subject. It was apparent to Euroman that whoever wrote the course never did mock outs. Some guy keeps coming up to Euroman with big hello and talking about an op they were on together for some reason made a huge impression on him, tells other what a great chainsaw instructor Euroman was, Euroman feels very bad he can’t remember his name. End of day, Euroman decided on another run, it was no better than yesterday, he was undecided on whether to have $13 Sammie or go to rodeo goat, shower than go back to Rodeo Goat. The Goat won. Grover accompanied Euroman as they walked in there were a table of TM people with several females who invited the pair to join of course they said yes. Also at the table is his friend ny Logistic Guy from the Houston op earlier this year Euroman an expectantly good time talking female for Seattle. Grover has better time with numerous people including waitresses coming up to say hello. Euroman has surprisingly good double IPA and veggie burger.

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Happy Birthday Euroman. $10 bagel, diet coke and banana. Euroman is much surprised when people started wishing him a happy birthday, he even got carded signed by everyone. The birthday wishes continued throughout the day. Most amazing since last year no one said a word. The morning went quickly, in the afternoon each student needed to give a presentation on topic from the manual than was reviewed by class and instructors. Euroman is good when he has props like a chainsaw not so good when he has none. Euroman receives bday phones calls from his favorite people. After class there is the official kick off dinner for the conference. Very impressive speeches by the commander and guest speaker who is top ranking marine. Too much mingling for Euroman he retires early.

Friday, October 7, 2016
Bagel and banana. Info session on direction of TM in morning, he notices a tall thin blond roaming about some he hasn’t seen before, he makes note. Euroman has finance group meeting in afternoon, not very exciting. Euroman is told his region is going to the Radio Goat for dinner, he feels like local now. They gather in lobby at 7:00, tall thin blond sudden appears, Euroman hears her name, he now realizes that she is wife of one of the regional people and also on regional staff. He is a little perplex thinking she appears to be a bit younger than the husband, obviously not for Euroman but for most others. He double checks an she is wearing a ring. Euroman has conservation learns she is outdoor person has climbed and does ski. Euroman leads way to Goat. The Goat is crowded this night they eventually find seats at counter type table for the 8 of them, it’s a tight fit, Grover has stool next to Euroman. The Regional admin says perhaps Grover should get out of the way so there is more room for others. Euroman has never seen Grover so upset, he has gone on more operations than anyone there, done more than his fair share. Euroman quickly came to his defense but the damage was done. Early in the day the chief ops officer for TM lead a session on harassment and how everyone in TM should be treated the same. Grover was hurt, Euroman noticed a tear run down his blue fur. The evening continued under dark cloud. Euroman ordered 2 double IPA’s, something he probably should not have done but he felt so bad for his longtime friend. They left before the others.

Billy Bob’s. Bagel and banana. Another day of info classes till 4:00. TM had organized an evening for everyone to Billy Bob’s Texas…. In a time long ago Euroman visited Dallas with a fairy princess on a 4-day business trip. Fairy Princess was in charge of making room arrangement for their stay. When they arrived Euroman was surprised to find that they were staying in the same room, Fairy Princess said it was a mistake that she had reserved a 2-bedroom suit, Euroman was not sure if this was the truth. One night they decided to take in the true Texas flavor and went to a well-known country bar called Billy Bob’s. A grand evening it was…… Euroman took quick showers. Grover who has been excited for weeks about going to Billy Bob’s to watch bull riding and dancing with the cowgirls says he will not go if that admin girl goes, Euroman tries to convince him it will different but he is still too upset. Euroman heads to lobby, obviously the theme is western and some of the TM females certainly had captured the look. 200 board 4 bus for 30 min ride. Euroman sits with CTadmin who tells him tall blond is not married to NH guy, but does have same last name, Euroman is very confused, wonders now if she is married to anyone. BB has changed, the group is taken to a separate area for drinks and dinner than are escorted to the arena to watch the bull riding. The bleachers were filled with mostly TM folks, Euroman does not think BB’s was prepared for the antics of 200 drinking TM’s. The security folks worked overtime keeping them under control with loud country music egging them on. Bull riding started about hour later. Euroman cannot condone this activity, it must be very painful for the bulls. Gary Allen was on stage at 11:00, Euroman took first bus back at 10:30 to see how Grover was doing.

Sunday, October 9, 2016
Euroman goes for before sunrise run, much better than previous runs. Bagel and banana. Last day. Today each region had its own meeting. In protest Grover sat with his back to admin girl who was chairing the meeting. Depart for airport at 3:00 with at least dozen other TM’s who were on same flight to Baltimore. Arrive Compound around midnight.